Happy Birthday to …….Rugby Tots


What birthday are you celebrating this year?

We have just celebrated the fifth anniversary for our classes in Wallasey and West Kirby.

What gave you the inspiration to start your own business?Rugbytots1

We had both been made redundant and were looking at our options. We saw an article in Rugby World about a Scottish International running a franchise in South Wales. As experienced rugby players and coaches, we made a call and it went from there.

Give us a brief synopsis of your business journey. Highs and lows.

The highs are seeing Tots develop during their time with us. Their joy at doing something for the first time and seeing the parent’s pride is so rewarding. Feedback from parents who tell us how much their children talk about Rugbytots, and their excitement for the next session is wonderful.

Expanding the business beyond Wirral toChester and Liverpool was a big step and ultimately the way forward. The launch of our Schools Curriculum Programme was a very proud moment. Teachers have been amazed at what we get the children to achieve over a term and the children learn valuable life skills like spatial awareness, handling skills, self control, patience and respect.

“Even children who didn’t want to come into school, did and actually thrived as a result of their Rugbytots experience”  Miss DeJesus – Teacher at Riverside Primary

Rugbytots2What advice would you give to other aspiring business startups?

Research your market thoroughly! We looked at the demographics of Wirral and knew it was a strong rugby area with lots of Rugby Clubs and parents with kids. It gave us a good feel for the potential. Good communication is also vital to keep everyone involved and to encourage best practise among our coaches as they can share things that have worked really well.

What plans do you have for the future?

We are launching a full year Curriculum Programme for Key Stage 1. We will provide a term of Rugbytots plus a term on Fitness and Nutrition and a term of athletics. We have been able to call upon some impressive individuals to help us put this together and the initial feedback is very positive. As well as this we are continuing to strive for 5 classes each morning at all of our venues across Merseyside and Chester.