Ever wanted to play drums?


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Ever wanted to play drums, or just annoy the neighbours?? BANGADRUM has the answer:

One to one tuition at my studio in Heswall or at your house (if you have a kit of course !!) BANGADRUM is a new drum school based in Heswall on the Wirral, teaching one to one tuition in all aspects of drum kit playing.

Regardless of your age or skill level you can enjoy learning the drums in a fully equipped studio. Learning drums should be fun and I always try and find the best approach for each student and tailor it to their requirements.It is not a case of one size fits all !

If you’d like a more regimented approach to learning then I teach the Rockschool syllabus.

The Tutor – Jon Clayton

I have been playing drums for over 30 years (yes, that makes me feel old!!) I discovered drums or rather my ability to play them when some friends put together a punk band. I got the drum seat based on my ability to play “a mean set of air drums”As my ability improved I moved onto Heavy Rock and Metal bands. I remained primarily self taught until my mid 20′s but my drumming wasn’t advancing, so I decided to get some lessons. My tutor was a mean jazz drummer who’d played with the likes of Sammy Davis Jnr. He took me back to the beginning and helped me get out of some of the bad drumming habits I’d slipped into.I have since played in pretty much every type of band going from Thrash to dance and country and western. I am a gigging and recording musician and I currently tour with my band Brutal Deluxe and Rory Gallagher tribute band, Sinnerboy.

I have toured this country and Europe and played with the likes of Feeder, The Wildhearts, Napalm Death and The Lost Prophets. I teach drums based on this wealth of experience.


Drums, the oldest instrument known to man. We all think we can play the drums; it’s just hitting things really isn’t it ? Well, yes…hitting does come pretty high in the scheme of things but there is more to it than that!

  • I will not only teach you how to play the drums but how the drums fit in a musical context. In other words, how to play for the song and not just dominate the song.
  • I will teach you how to read drum music….it’s nothing to be scared of. A useful tool to remember patterns and fills at the very least and if you go onto do it professionally an essential skill to help you get more work.
  • I can record your performances and these will be yours to keep. A very useful analytical tool and a great way to gauge your development.
  • I work with each student to determine the best approach to their learning. We all learn at different paces and I tailor the lessons to accommodate each student.
  • There is no age limitation to learning the drums, so if you’ve ever yearned to have a go it’s never too late to start !

£15 -  FOR 1/2 HOUR drum tuition



I have a Drum acrylic kit with Zildjian and Paiste cymbals or a Roland TD20 electronic kit with 1000 watts of amplified speakers to back it up !


0151 342 5479 / 07852 163651


Grangewood, Anthonys Way, Heswall, CH60 0BP