Birkenhead High School Academy

Birkenhead High School Academy

BHSA is an all-through (3-19 years) state funded academy open to all girls of the area, enjoying the support of our sponsors, the Girls’ Day School Trust. The original Birkenhead High School was founded in 1901, and its successor BHSA is and will continue to be a beacon of excellence in girls’ education.

The GDST is a group of 26 independent schools located throughout England and Wales with over 20,000 pupils. The GDST’s philosophy is to offer a distinctive educational experience to the young people in their schools, within a broad, inclusive curriculum and a culture of high expectation. As a charity, it reinvests all income in its schools for the benefit of its pupils. GDST schools help students to achieve some of the best academic results nationally.


We offer girls from the age of 3 to 19 years the opportunity to develop into confident, articulate, aspiring and responsible young women equipped to tackle cheerfully whatever life throws at them and to forge an exciting and fulfilling future for themselves. BHSA is sponsored by the Girls’ Day School Trust and maintains the shared goal of excellence in girls’ education.

BHSA expects the highest of standards in attendance, punctuality, appearance, conduct and achievement in it students, because we believe education is about the whole person and preparing them to enjoy all aspects of life. At BHSA we want to work in partnership with our students and their families to ensure each and every girl flourishes during and beyond her time with us, capitalising on our glorious new and refurbished site and the skill and dedication of every member of staff.



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86 Devonshire Place, Prenton, Merseyside CH43 1TY