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Birkenhead School is an open and happy community in which endeavour and achievement flourish and where everyone is valued for his or her own personal qualities and talents.

The School offers a well proven route to academic success and, with superb resources and a highly qualified and dedicated staff, seeks to enable each individual to reach his or her full potential.  We aim to make the experience of school challenging, rewarding and enjoyable, and thereby foster a life-long love of learning.

In providing an education for life, Birkenhead School sets the highest standards for itself and for its pupils – not just academic standards, but also personal standards of integrity, self-discipline, compassion and respect for others.  We believe that education is about developing the whole person.

The School provides a caring and structured environment where pupils grow in self-confidence and enjoy a wealth of opportunities for teamwork and personal development, both inside and outside the classroom.  Activities such as sport, music, drama and dance, together with a plethora of visits and expeditions, are central to this rich experience.

Our green and spacious campus, with its mixture of late Victorian and modern architecture, plays an important part in setting the tone and creating a unique atmosphere which has left its mark on generations of former pupils.

A strong sense of community pervades all that we do and we take pride in the friendly and respectful relationships which students have with staff and with each other.  Parents comment on our strong family atmosphere, where seven-year olds and seventeen year olds work happily alongside each other.  We, in turn, consider the close bond between School and home to be a vital component of our success.

As the only academically selective Independent school on Wirral, we want all children of ability and potential to be able to benefit from the educational opportunities we have to offer – irrespective of parental means.  The Birkenhead School Foundation Trust exists to maintain the School’s long tradition of open access through the award of bursaries.

Holiday Activity Courses

birkenhead school holiday course 1Whether you are a regular to Birkenhead School or someone who is considering experiencing us for the first time, we hope you find our website has all the information you require; if not, then please do not hesitate to contact Yvonne Burgess. Her contact details are listed at the bottom of this page.

The programme of activities is designed for children aged between 4 – 15 years to have an action packed week of skill and personal development.  The programme runs from 10am until 4pm each day. birkenhead school holiday course 2 We are mindful of the fact that it is their holiday and the emphasis for these courses is to have lots of fun, make new friends, and learn new skills through active participation.

Why come to Birkenhead School?   There are several providers of sports courses in this area, so why should you come to us?

  • We use facilities specifically designed for the age groups on our courses.
  • Ours are not just ‘sports courses’; we offer a wide range of activities, making use of the unrivalled facilities and equipment on our campus.
  • Our course leaders are all qualified teachers or coaches.
  • All staff on our campus, not just the course leaders, have enhanced CRB disclosures.
  • We are a registered charity, not a business seeking to make profit.
  • We have a track-record of excellence and have been delivering holiday activity courses for over 15 years.
  • We provide lunch: your children do not need to bring their own food.

No other local provider can match this list.  Moreover, when you come to us you have the assurance that comes from Birkenhead School’s 150th year history – and no other provider can offer that!

Booking forms along with parental & medical consent forms can be downloaded from the links below. There is also the option to book our Early (8am – 10am) and Late Fun Club sessions (4pm – 6pm) which are held in our Ofsted registered Fun Club facility.

Booking Form | Medical Consent Form Appendix 1 | Parental Consent Form Appendix 2 | Administration of Medicine Form Appendix 3 | Administration of Medicine Form Appendix 4

We look forward to welcoming you.



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58 Beresford Road, Oxton, Wirral, CH43 2JD