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Full of Beans is based on the Wirral and specialises in fun packed, safely structured and progressive health related fitness classes for girls and boys aged between 3 and 11.

Every class is carefully designed to ensure children are active enough to improve their health and always includes fun games and activities which develop gross motor skills, flexibility, strength, endurance and cardiovascular fitness. We introduce key sports skills and a discussion on topics such as how our body works, nutrition and hygiene is an important part of every class.

Classes provide a great opportunity for social interaction and all our children will receive plenty of encouragement and praise at the same time as building a strong foundation for a lifetime of fitness.

We have also been commissioned by the School Sports Partnerships to lead on a number of programmes including MEND, Active Lifestyles and Top Activity which involves setting up approx 40 clubs overall in Primary School across the Wirral.

fullofbeans_img1What makes health related exercise different?
Health Related Exercise is physical activity associated with health enhancement.  Delivery through active participation includes the teaching of knowledge, understanding, physical competence and behavioural skills, and the creation of positive attitudes and confidence associated with current and lifetime participation in physical activity.For children the link between activity levels and health appear stronger than between fitness and health. Every child can benefit from being active but not every child can reach a high level of fitness.

What outcomes could you expect?
All classes will be well planned and structured, effectively delivered and evaluated and we would expect the following health-related outcomes for young people:-

• have learned the skills necessary to perform a variety of physical activities
• participate regularly in physical activity
• understand the implications of being involved in physical activity
• values physical activity and its contribution to a healthier lifestyle

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