High Flyers Tutition

High Flyers Tutition

The tutors at High Flyers Tuition have many years experience in delivering the highest quality 11 plus tuition and tuition for entrance exams for other local schools. Our tutoring team have a vast range of knowledge and skills accompanied by many years of teaching experience across all age ranges.

We provide high quality private tutoring across all ages and abilities, including pre-school, primary, SATs, GCSE, A level and adult learning courses, tuition in all subjects including basic skills, maths, english, science, languages and humanities.

Our motivational ‘Learning to Learn’ sessions equip students with the skills necessary to acquire and retain new concepts. Our team of SEN specialists can ensure that students Special Educational Needs make the progress necessary to access the mainstream curriculum and develop confidence and self esteem as learners.

All clients receive individual feedback within 48hrs of each session detailing the focus of the tutoring, the learning outcomes of the session, progress report, identified areas for development and the subsequent objectives for the next tutoring session.

One of our team has many years experience of working with children who have all aspects of Special Educational Need. With a teaching qualification and a masters degree in inclusive education, she is able to offer support in equipping children with the skills necessary to access the mainstream curriculum.

Working with children with SEN will include the development of personalised learning programmes for children with specific learning difficulties and moderate learning difficulties. Diagnostic assessment will be used to ascertain levels of need and personalised learning programmes will be developed which are tailored to individual need. The programmes will be delivered using multisensory teaching techniques in order to access all learning channels. There is a strong emphasis on building confidence and self esteem throughout these highly specialised sessions.

Support for children who have Social, Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties can take the form of specific time limited intervention programmes focused on particular areas of need including anger management, conflict resolution, self esteem building and development of social skills.

Most parents choose a private tutor for their child because the 11 plus is not a test of curriculum based learning ie the concepts and skills acquired in the school setting. The 11 plus is designed to assess verbal reasoning ability which is a measure of cognitive ability and potential.

The competitive nature of the 11 plus can make it a very stressful experience for parents and children alike. Highflyers Tuition can guide you and your child through the process, equipping children with the skills necessary to approach all questions in a relaxed yet confident manner and to complete tests with the necessary accuracy and pace. As a parent you will be given regular, detailed individual feedback which will reassure you of your child’s progress towards 11 plus success.



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