Katy Elliott’s Kitchen/Nursery Kitchen

Katy Elliott's Kitchen/Nursery Kitchen

 The Nursery Kitchen

The Nursery Kitchen was set up by Katy Elliott 13 years ago. As a mum of two, Katy knows that it’s not always easy to create nutritious meals that babies and toddlers will really enjoy. So Katy set out on a quest to do just that; to produce a range of delicious, home cooked meals using the freshest local produce when possible and of course, conforming to all of the current nursery food guidelines.

Twelve years on, Katy has established a successful business, supplying to many of the children’s day nurseries on the Wirral and catering for around 3,000 children a week. The Nursery Kitchen has now spread its wings and delivers to Liverpool and Cheshire. Parents of children in any of our customer’s nurseries can be assured that their children are getting the best tasty, healthy and nutritious food.

In January 2010 Katy invested in the services of a food scientist, Nicky Dexter of Menu Matters. Together Nicky and Katy have created a set of seasonal, mouth-watering menus, adapted to a range of dietary requirements.

As we all know food tastes better if it is freshly cooked, rather than kept warm for long periods of time before eating.  To optimise the nutritional value of the foods we cook with the freshest meat and vegetables and to ensure the goodness is locked it we blast freeze ALL our meals.  This ensure all the nutrients are “locked” in.  The nursery then defrosts the meal and reheats to 75°C.  It is then ready to serve and the nutrients have remained in the meal.  Hours of hot holding food means the flavours and nutrients have substantially deteriorated.

 We believe that nurseries should be free to focus on their core childcare duties. When it comes to food, why not let the Nursery Kitchen worry about that.

Organising shopping lists and suppliers, preparing food, keeping up-to-date with current food regulations and dealing with staff are all time consuming tasks which impact on your profitability. The Nursery Kitchen takes the stress away by preparing your meals for you and delivering the food ready to be reheated and served.  The lovely smells of the food being  reheated ensures the children’s gastric juices are flowing so they all enjoy their lunches, desserts and teas and they then eat them all up with great gusto!  A well fed child is always a happy child!

It’s a simple three step process:-

  1. Initial Consultation The Nursery Kitchen will visit your nursery to identify your needs – any special dietary needs, delivery requirements etc.
  2. Make Recommendations We then provide the menus to fit with your children’s needs, comprehensive reheating instructions, advice on relevant paperwork and recommendations on any new equipment to be purchased.
  3. Deliver your food Food is delivered on a Friday morning, either weekly or fortnightly depending on your requirements. We offer a flexible approach so as your nursery grows, we adjust our services accordingly.

Katy Elliott’s Kitchen

Katy Elliott’s Kitchen provides affordable, premium quality home cooked ready meals for grown ups.

The business was formed following the success of Katy’s other business, The Nursery Kitchen, which now supplies home cooked food to around 5000 children a week at day nurseries across the North West. Throughout Katy’s 13 years of feeding babies, toddlers and children, she was continuously asked why she wasn’t supplying her delicious food to adults too.  And the rest is history…

A new unit (in a great, easy to find location), an extended team and a whole load of energy and enthusiasm later, Katy Elliott’s Kitchen is here, ready to deliver delicious hand-made ready meals to everyone, young and old.



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Unit C4, Brookway, North Cheshire Trading Estate, Prenton, Merseyside, CH43 3DT