Every child can achieve.



Every child can achieve.  Every child can succeed.  Your child can reach their full potential.

At Kumon, we believe in giving each child the tools they will need to achieve for themselves. Our maths and English programmes develop the skills and self-confidence that will give your child the best chance of succeeding in life.

No matter what their age or ability, we will help your child to improve their concentration and study skills, master a subject, and unlock their true potential.

What can Kumon do for my child?

Kumon’s unique programmes complement the school curriculum and provide far more than just maths or English tuition. They cater for your child’s individual needs, allowing them to study at a rate that is just right for them and eventually to take responsibility for their own learning.

Our exceptional approach means Kumon study gives your child:

  • a solid foundation for academic success
  • confidence to take on new challenges
  • options in school and life that they may not otherwise have had
  • strength of character to overcome obstacles

With these benefits and Kumon’s focus on advanced learning, your child can develop beyond your current expectations.

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