LIPA 4:19 – Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts

Acting, Dancing and Singing

LIPA 4:19 - Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts

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A new LIPA 4:19 weekend academy for acting, dancing and singing is opening on the Wirral.

Based at South Wirral High School, Eastham, we offer a fun, encouraging learning environment, which helps your child or teenager to:

  • Build Confidence
  • Enhance Natural Creativity
  • Make New Friends

Classes take place on Saturdays usually over 12 weeks term.
LIPA 4:19 is linked in to the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts and has branches across the UK.

LIPA 4:19 is a part-time performing arts academy aimed at young people in the 4 to 19 years age range. It offers young people wonderful opportunities to explore and express their creativity and talent through
  • LIPA img1singing
  • dance
  • drama

Generally academies offer classes on Saturdays or Sundays over three terms a year.

Teaching young people

LIPA 4:19 is split into three age groups:

  • Early Start 4:6
  • Academy 7:15
  • Academy 16+

LIPA pic1Each age group has a curriculum designed to cater for its performing arts development, from the very young at four years age, right through to older teenagers.

LIPA 4:19 Students

All LIPA 4:19 children and young adults are encouraged and given the opportunity to

  • take part in exciting workshops
  • take fully accredited exams
  • perform in a full-scale end-of-year show in a theatre

Here at LIPA we find our students grow in confidence, develop new skills and make new friends. It’s a fun way to learn. Why not be a part of it?

LIPA pic5In September 2003 we launched LIPA 4:19: a part-time performing arts academy for 4 to 19 year olds.

What a success it is has been – we have over 450 students who attend LIPA 4:19 every week and we have been blessed with a huge pool of talent from around the North. The atmosphere at LIPA 4:19 is magical – there’s a real buzz in the air.

Learn to sing, dance and act

LIPA img2The arts and entertainment industry needs multi-disciplined all-round performers, and LIPA 4:19 is designed to make you just that. Here you learn to sing, dance and act with fully qualified and enthusiastic tutors, who all have professional experience.

All classes are carefully designed to reflect the correct stage of performing arts development for each age group, from young children through to teenagers.

Performance skills

Developing performing arts skills helps develop confidence and presentation skills. It stimulates the imagination and creativity. Best of all, it’s fun and it’s a great way to meet new friends.

Being based at the world-famous Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, LIPA 4:19 also offers fantastic facilities for the students and a safe and encouraging learning environment.

We are very proud of all our LIPA 4:19 students and it is tremendously rewarding for us to see our students blossom and progress.




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