Passport Language Solutions

Passport Language Solutions


We understand that every school on Merseyside is different, with different capabilities and resources when it comes to MFL teaching. We will therefore spend time getting to know you and the values of your school. We will look at what existing measures are in place for MFL teaching and discuss how best, if at all these can be improved or enhanced. We will then discuss a variety of options to come up with a package of solutions that not only matches your schools needs but that will work practically for you. This will be reviewed on a regular basis and is entirely flexible for adding or removing different components.

Lesson planning and curriculum is also tailored to each school, depending on whether they already follow an existing framework and the experience and level of the pupils. However, all are designed to follow the specified learning objectives set out in the National Languages Strategy and to provide a rounded and progressive curriculum. In conjunction with the vision of Every Child Matters this ultimately allows each child to gain “a life long skill – to be used in business and for pleasure, to open up avenues of communication and exploration, and to promote, encourage and instil a broader cultural understanding” (page 5, National Languages Strategy). In the same way French, Spanish and German after-school clubs or lunchtime clubs or any of our one-off events and activities will compliment the schools chosen framework and curriculum and its objectives.

We are passionate about the teaching of modern foreign languages in Primary Schools on Merseyside and believe the benefits are numerous, not only in terms of learning a new skill but also in personal development and the acceptance and appreciation of other cultures. Our aim is to therefore help schools to achieve their full potential in their MFL provision. That is why all schools that sign up to any of our solutions will gain access to our resources bank, cultural contacts and initiatives completely free of charge.



Passport Language Solutions believe that learning a language is a valuable skill that all children should have.  It is proven that children who begin learning a language at an earlier age respond better and develop important skills that allow them to excel in language learning later in life.  The nurseries we work with have also noticed the benefits of our classes for the development of their children’s social skills and skills in their own language.


What we offer

  • Classes can be in either French language, Spanish language or German language
  • We recommend groups of 10-12 children
  • Classes would normally be 30 mins each
  • All teachers are native or near-native speakers
  • All teachers have enhanced CRB checks


What will the children learn?

As you may be aware all children in KS2 are now entitled to one hour a week of language teaching in school.  Our classes are therefore designed to introduce children to the chosen language and culture and build skills and confidence.

Children will cover a variety of basic topics e.g. greetings, colours, animals, food, family, clothes etc  These will all be taught in an imaginative and interactive way using puppets, games, songs and other interactive activities e.g. ball pond. Through these classes children will also learn about the culture of the chosen country, their festivals and traditions.


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