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Learn to swim with Puddle Ducks!

Puddle Ducks

The swimming and life-saving skills your little one is taught on the Puddle Ducks programme will stay with them… for life!

PUDDLEDUCK_WEB_IMG1Skills for Life means that at Puddle Ducks, every child is taught to swim using a tailored programme that is unique to them, and their levels of ability and confidence, within our structured framework – we keep it fun and we know that it works!

The children in our swimming classes learn how to swim without realising it, so that swimming and water safety become as natural as breathing, and it develops into a skill set that never leaves them.

The little ones we teach can often swim over 10m before starting school, and then go on to learn style, stamina and more formal lifesaving skills in our Academy.

“When my son started Puddle Ducks, he could swim but wouldn’t put his face in the water or jump in. His confidence soared – within half a term he had his 10m award and mastered many swimming techniques! I would highly recommend these classes to any parents wanting their child to learn in a fun but structured environment which engages children from the second they get in the water until the second they get out!” - Louise Buck with Drew (5 years 5 months)

PUDDLEDUCKS_OFFER“The aqua natal classes are great. I know the exercises are safe and designed specifically for pregnancy. I really enjoy the relaxation element of the class and always have my best night’s sleep of the week afterwards! The groups are quite small, which makes it perfect for getting to know other pregnant women and share experiences with them.” - Laura Nield