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Susan Mansley

Classes are held in Ballet, Modern/Jazz, Tap, Song & Dance/Musical Theatre, Disco, Cheerleading, Street/Hip Hop style and Speech/Drama for children from age 3 years upwards.


Ballet begins at age 3 in a very relaxed way.  The children are introduced to this lovely art form using dance movement to well known music from sources such as Disney, charts, children’s tv programmes etc.  This encourages them to have fun whilst learning.

Older children learn in a more traditional fashion but still have fun by dancing to more familiar music to them and occasional use of the more traditional, but familiar classical compositions.  They begin to learn the theory, ie converting French ballet terms into English, the discipline & technique etc

Character:  This is where a story is told in dance using body movements and facial expressions.  Younger children begin by pretending to be animals, characters from their favorite stories.  Older children develop this  and also learn how to tell a story by mime alone without music, eg: an extract from a fairy story, performing a job such as window cleaning, hairdressing etc.


For young children Tap is great fun.  It makes a lot of noise!!!  Whilst very technical, young children enjoy tap from an early stage and it greatly increases their understanding of music including time signatures and note values.  It is a great aerobic dance form therefore increasing fitness.  As they develop Tap becomes very technical and even more rhythmic which makes it very entertaining to both learn and watch.

Tap can also be incorporated with song very easily which increases a child’s self confidence


Modern / Jazz is a discipline which encourages pupils to learn another dance form.

The syllabus covers a wide range of topics, not just dance but also different types of music and note values etc, to knowing what part of the body is being exercised and what sort of movement it is. Strengthening, stretching etc

From slow controlled to fast movements, floor exercises to leaps.

This is a fully encompassing subject to learn and very enjoyable.


From beginners onwards this class is great for:

1)  Learning a new skill and / or rekindling a childhood hobby

2)  Keeping / getting fit

3)  Making new friends

From Tap to Cheerleading, Disco to Rock ‘n’Roll, Salsa to Cha Cha Cha.

No dance is safe!!!  We’ll have a go at anything!

Our philosophy is to have fun and if we learn something it’s a bonus!  As a result, it’s amazing what we’ve achieved so far and we are always learning something new, so no time is a bad time to join us.

There’s no pressure – only to have a good time!  So don’t put it off!


There is also a ZUMBA® Fitness class which uses latin-inspired rhythms to help improve fitness though movement.  No experience necessary!

We are friendly and look forward to seeing you soon.



This class incorporates a wide range of dance styles from Disco to Rock ‘n’ Roll, Cheerleading to Street Style dance.  Less structured than more set dance forms such as Ballet, which are important for ensuring good technique and strength, this gives the students an opportunity to ‘let their hair down’ and bring more of their own personality into the dance.

(Don’t forget your Pom Poms for the Cheerleading!)

It’s energetic and great fun!!


Using music from many of the popular musicals, such as High School Musical, Hairspray etc for inspiration, singing is accompanied by dance.

This gives pupils a more varied outlook on different types of music and dance styles as it incorporates elements of drama by assuming roles from musicals or characterising a song, introducing actions and sometimes props!

They are also able to learn more about a musical and, along with Speech & Drama, feel more assured when speaking to others.

A great confidence builder!


From learning poetry to extracts from plays, acting to a good old game of charades, this encourages the development of communication skills.  Some are a little wary at first but when taking part in small groups, confidence to do something on their own builds over time AND in their own time.


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