The Kingsway Academy

Going from good to great within a caring and achieving community.

The Kingsway Academy

The Kingsway Academy vision:

  • The Kingsway Academy will be an ‘Outstanding’ school and will become the school of choice for the locality.
  • We will lead and model by example, sharing our ambition and expectation every step of the way.
  • Outstanding learning and teaching will be at the heart of all that we do – we will not accept inadequate teaching.
  • We will expect nothing less than good behaviour from all students.
  • we will insist that all students can achieve highly regardless of their background.
  • We will expect leaders and staff to continue to improve their work and be responsible for their own development.
  • We will ensure our curriculum meets the needs of all students.
  • We will support a no excuses culture and will develop a culture of success and ambition.
  • We will be a learning community and all staff will be the lead learners.
  • We will work together; we will not try to do it all ourselves or expect somebody else to do it for us.
  • We are all in this together, we will be valued for our contribution and we will know who we are and what we are expected to do.
  • We will foster ab ethos of trust, respect and a belief that we will get it right


Equal Access for All

Every pupil at The Kingsway Academy should enjoy equal access to our broad range of educational opportunities during their compulsory schooling years (aged 11-16). We value all our pupils the same, but we also value their right to be different and recognise individual needs and ambitions.

We also show respect to our pupils regardless of their sex, colour and creed, and believe all can be helped in discovering their true potential. As an Extended School, we believe ‘children learn what they live’ and as such we attach great importance to the activities which make up the overall learning community, both inside and outside the classroom. Those pupils, who gain most from school, are those who contribute most to the life of the school.

Caring, Happy and Respectful

It is our aim to be a caring school, where our pupils are happy and content. In return, we seek to develop good relationships between pupils and staff on a basis of mutual respect. Positive encouragement, praise tolerance and fairness make up the four cornerstones of our ‘Positive Behaviour’ philosophy. Emphasis is therefore placed on rewarding good behaviour where pupils can enhance their own self-esteem and self-confidence in a structured and ordered environment. For our learning to be of a high quality, we recognise that our teaching must follow suit.

The governors at The Kingsway Academy are committed in the appointing of well-qualified teaching staff to maintain high academic standards. We also actively appoint individuals who are willing to support and become fully involved with school life.

Successful Partnership Links…at the heart of the community

Much of the schools effectiveness stems from a successful partnership with both parents and the local community. If we want ‘the school to be at the heart of the community, and the community at the heart of the school’, it is vital we have an understanding in what our community expects from us so we can aim for ‘continuous improvement’.

We actively encourage parents to share any problems or concerns with us. We also value the work of the Home School Association (HSA) and communicate on a regular basis with parents through letters and the School Newsletter. It is important life in school must, in part, be modeled on adult life after school. Our Sixth Form is a valuable extension to compulsory schooling where pupils mature in to students both socially and academically.

Kingsway Academy prepares students for higher education, training and employment through industrial links, work experience and career guidance. Sixth Form students are encouraged to take responsibility so they can gain the right confidence from their achievements. Most importantly, we want former pupils and students to look back on their school days with a sense of pride and having fond memories.




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The Kingsway Academy, Birket Avenue, Moreton, Wirral, CH46 1RB