Willis Bear Day Care

Willis Bear Day Care

We have 3 core values that form our approach to safe and appropriate care and educational development within our nursery.


Our nursery is fitted with security cameras that are bespoke to our service. With interactive access built into the premises all parents can remotely access the play room cameras from home, work or any other location. Not only can they view real time footage but they can actually select any day and time in the past to view recorded video enabling them to be a part of the care and education – knowing they are making the right decisions to keep their children safe.


We are committed to providing a safe and secure environment, our drop off and collection policy is robust and ensures all children are only ever handed over to appropriately appointed guardians. The whole premises is fitted with safety gates, soft furnishings, safety alarms, fire escapes and safety glass to keep children safe at all times. Appropriate risk assessments are in place and peace of mind is at the heart of our commitment to parents and children.


Our team has been developed to ensure significant experience within the age groups of our service. We focus heavily on training and development and all staff within the nursery are working towards higher levels of qualifications to continue building knowledge and experience. We don’t cut corners, we aspire to be better than any other day nursery through the interaction, support, guidance and educational development we provide to all children inclusive.

Our team at Willis Bear Day Care has been carefully selected to ensure the safety and educational development of the children we are trusted to support.  We are committed to having a family atmosphere that ensures the comfort and satisfaction of our staff team to minimise staff turnover and ensure consistency for the children.

Qualifications are a must and we have a ratio of qualified staff that exceeds the standards dictated by Ofsted.  We also have a higher staff ratio per child than the required standards too, along with more space per child on our maximum numbers.   Even more importantly our team has been picked because they enjoy working with children, because it is their passion and because they want to be here for the correct reasons!  We firmly believe our team is an excellent mix of people passionate about your children’s safety and development!


We don’t believe in outside catering.  Our approach is to ensure the children receive a diverse range of foods prepared and cooked on the premises.  Our meas have been developed alongside input from various qualified and experienced chefs to ensure we are offering a range of food from around the world.

Snacks are healthy and we encourage children to experiment with a variety of colors, flavors and textures.  We involve them in cooking activities to promote choice, diversity and improve their overall opinions on healthy choices.  We always offer alternative meals for children and ensure we follow any dietary needs for children including allergies and religious choices.

We don’t have any frozen food on the premises, everything is purchased each week fresh from local suppliers!  We operate a tasting chart to map all fruit and vegetables children have tried to provide a visually stimulating and rewarding way for children to reflect on their healthy choices.



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